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Vases are another option, however, they need to be ordered at same time your memorial plaque is manufactured.   If desired, the plaque will have an integrally cast mechanism that allows your vase to be turn tightened into locked position.  There will also be a chain which semi-permanently attaches the vase to plaque.   Each vase will come with either a round or rectangular ring base.   The round vase and base are available in several designs, while the rectangular version is only available in the Lotus Design. 

You also have the option to personalize the ring if desired. 

Personal Memory Vase Assemblies

(With inscription on base) NOTE: Flat face letters are recommended.

Vase Assemblies are complete with underground container and are available in the following designs:

Separate Flower Vase Assemblies

(No inscription on base)

Vase Rings Only

Vase Bases

Hammered Edge Ring with Hammered Doric Vase

Grecian Ring with Grecian Vase

Lotus Ring with Lotus Vase

Personal Memory Ring (Plain)