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Unibar Crypt Lettering

Crypt Lettering is often utilized in Mortuary Memorials and Mausoleums.   The Bronze Memorial is often mounted directly above the crypt in the form of a Bronze Memorial Tablet, followed underneath by family member names immortalized in Bronze Memorial Lettering.   Unibars and Unimorials are the most common form.   Illustrated here are the typical design and options.

Unibar Mausoleum Identification

  1. Lydian, Oakwood, Church Text and Spartan only.
  2. Standard Bar lengths are: 14”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 26”, 28” and 30”.
  3. Letter sizes are available in 2” and 11⁄2”. Numeral size available is 1”.
  4. Only standard drilling locations can be furnished. Drilling templates showing locations are available at any time.
  5. Methods of attachment:
    1. Bars drilled through the face. Assemblies are furnished complete with threaded bolts, nuts and washers.
    2. Bars can be drilled and tapped on the back. Threaded lugs, nuts and washers will be provided.
  6. If desired, birth date can be omitted at time of purchase. Birth and death dates ordered separately will consist of four (4) numerals supplied as a unit.
  7. Regular Matthews emblems are available.
  8. Letters are supplied in light and dark color, buffed face only, Jewel finish not available.


  1. All Family name bars.
  2. Single Given name bars (include first name, middle initial and years of birth and death).
  3. Double Given name bars (include two first names on same bar, middle initials and years of birth and death).
  4. Complete name bar (includes first name, middle initial, last name and years of birth and death).
  5. Death date addition (or birth date addition if not supplied with pre-need Unibar).
  6. Emblems are available at for additional charge.


Crypt Bar (Maximum length 27”) – Flat or Oval Face Letter Style
Niche Bar (1⁄2” x 8” Minimum to 10” Maximum) – Flat Face Only Letter Style
*Plate 5” x 13⁄4”
*Plate 71⁄2” x 11⁄2”
Emblems each
*Includes up to four words of inscription. Additional inscription is subject to a per word charge