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Companion Plaque Scrolls

Uni-Cast Scrolls

Our uni-cast scroll is one that is cast directly on to the memorial itself. This scroll cannot be removed from the memorial. In order to furnish this type of scroll, we must have a death date since this cannot be added later. We can furnish a uni-cast scroll with either full dates or just year dates. There is no extra charge for providing this type of scroll

If you order the uni-cast scroll style and one person is not deceased, that scroll will automatically be made loose at an additional charge.

With this type of arrangement, we can also provide a pre-need scroll without a death date or we can drill and tap the memorial to accept the scroll at the time of need. There is a charge for the pre-need scroll, but no additional charge to drill and tap.


Tri-scrolls are another type of scroll style. The given name and the birth year date are cast integrally on the memorial. The birth date is on a small plate beneath the given name. Although this plate has screws on it, it cannot be removed. Next to the birth date we provide a space for the death date. Two screws are furnished with the memorials to attach the death date. At the time of death, the date scroll is attached to the memorial with the two screws. These death date plates are furnished to you for a fee per scroll shipping and handling charge. This type of scroll will only accommodate year dates. There is an extra charge for separate birth inserts or death inserts other than the current year.