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Welcome to our unique Memorial Plaque/Quote Form:

Please fill out the following form, which will not only guide you through the options and selections available, but also give us an accurate idea of final plaque to give you a return response.   Upon that information, you will receive an accurate quotation.   And, after your approval to proceed, we will provide a color scaled drawing of actual plaque before final manufacturing.

In this form, you will be prompted to select whether your memorial is individual or companion style, size, letter style, background color and finish and emblems desired.  If you select companion style, you will also be prompted to select type of scrolls which identify each individual to be memorialized.  Our popular Lasting Memories Photo Collage is listed as an additional option.  Choices on this form will also give us an idea whether you plan to add a photo, vase or granite base to your plaque.  In the final area on form, be sure to include any specific questions, requests or pertinent information.   We encourage you to download any photos or rough sketch designs you may have to help us determine your final design.