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Granite Bases

Southern California Memorials offers Granite Bases for all Bronze Memorial Plaques, Bronze Corner Markers, Pet Memorials, Child & Baby Memorials and other Grave Markers.  These are optional, however, most cemeteries require their use.  Please check with your cemetery to determine their policy on Granite Bases for Memorial Plaques.

Granite Bases are optional for all memorial plaques.  Many cemeteries require a granite base under plaque for stability on natural turf.  It has the additional benefit of raising the height of your memorial plaque above the grass for viewability.   Please check with your cemetery on their requirements before ordering your custom plaque.  We currently offer our granite bases in four color designs:  Colonial Blue, Sunrise  Pink, Coral Grey and Canadian Mahogany.  Keep in mind these are naturally occurring stones so the veining and patterns will vary on each and every piece.   Typically, these come with saw cut (straight edges), however, you can select rough hewn edges if you want a more natural look.

Memorial left shown with Coral Grey granite base.  Below Plaque affixed to Colonial Blue Granite Base

Size Chart