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There are many ways to add photos and pictures to a memorial plaque.  The most popular method is the 3D Sculpted Photo Montage, however, if you wish to add a singular photo we recommend the cameo photo.  This comes in several sizes, which will be determined by spacing and plaque design.   If you select this method, a steel raised oval border will be integrally cast on plaque and a photo will be printed on porcelain and flush mounted inside the oval.  You may select color or black and white option.  The steel border protects the photo from lawn mowers and foot traffic, while the photo print is suitable for all exterior usage.  We recommend the best .dpi photo available, which you can download on order request form.

Cameo Photos are a great way to add a personal touch to all Bronze Memorial Plaques and Pet Memorials.  Southern California Memorials recommends sending your photo in email digital format in the highest resolution possible to create the perfect Memorial Plaque. 

Cameo Size Comparison

Please note: size may not be actual size depending on your device and screen resolution